the (ki) to kombucha

18 Jun

yes!  kombucha

I love this beverage, have been fermenting it for several years now.  I love the complex sweet, sour, thick and fizzy flavour & experience.  My body loves it, too.  I’ve read that ferments are rich in vitamin B12 and assist in digestive function as a probiotic.

I think the (ki) to kombucha is being attentive to the “brew” cycle.  Too long a ferment produces an acidic syrup that is very strong, too short a cycle and the sugars aren’t broken down enough.   So, what is the right cycle time? Three variables affect the outcome : container size, ambient temperature and amount of sugar used.  I have enjoyed experimenting to find the balance that suits my pallet.  It surprised me at first how much sugar to use – considerably more than I would have guessed.  My ferment time for a 4L tea (~3c. sugar) is typically 10-13 days.

My current batch is Irish Breakfast tea with raw cane sugar in springwater.


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