urine therapy….??

21 Jun

this goes out to my neighbours Keith and Ea, who’ve encouraged me to try drinking my own urine as a healing tonic.  I’ve been a seasonal allergy sufferer for as long as I can remember.  It is THAT time of the season again.  Spent last night stuffed up, unable to rest properly.  Internet research states that drinking my urine may help me overcome hayfever.  At this point I’ll give anything a try… bottoms up!

wow.  that was intense.  I think Keith said it best that the first sip is like re-writing a lifetime of conditioning.  My urine is not gross…it’s good for me!  Open mind.  Open mind.  I’ve learned that it’s also an effective moisturizer.  At this point I’m unsure whether or not I’ll make this daily practice, but I DID IT! YEaH!


the (ki) to kombucha

18 Jun

yes!  kombucha

I love this beverage, have been fermenting it for several years now.  I love the complex sweet, sour, thick and fizzy flavour & experience.  My body loves it, too.  I’ve read that ferments are rich in vitamin B12 and assist in digestive function as a probiotic.

I think the (ki) to kombucha is being attentive to the “brew” cycle.  Too long a ferment produces an acidic syrup that is very strong, too short a cycle and the sugars aren’t broken down enough.   So, what is the right cycle time? Three variables affect the outcome : container size, ambient temperature and amount of sugar used.  I have enjoyed experimenting to find the balance that suits my pallet.  It surprised me at first how much sugar to use – considerably more than I would have guessed.  My ferment time for a 4L tea (~3c. sugar) is typically 10-13 days.

My current batch is Irish Breakfast tea with raw cane sugar in springwater.

raw almond-fig sweet pate

18 Jun

a creative spread to make from leftovers of making almond milk–

This nutty, sweet and smooth pate is fatty and flavourful.


in a food processor, combine 1c. crushed soaked & peeled raw almonds (pulp leftover from making almond milk), 5-6 de-stemmed dry figs, 1/2c. shredded coconut, 1/4c. raw tahini, 1tsp. seasalt, 2T. raw honey, 1 small banana.  mix until thoroughly blended.  If too liquid, dry in dehydrator for 30 mins – 1hr.  Serve on a cracker, or in brown-rice nori rolls with thinly sliced cucumber as pictured.  enjoyable with fresh juicy crunch of cucumber, and saltiness of the seaweed.